4 Must-Read Scifi Books from 2023-2024: A Journey through Time and Space

Hey there, fellow bookworms! Are you ready to embark on a journey through the realms of imagination and explore some of the most captivating science fiction books of the past year? Buckle up because I’ve curated a list of four extraordinary reads that will teleport you to distant galaxies, challenge your perceptions of reality, and leave you craving for more!

“Generations” – A Dive into Noam Josephides’ Debut Novel

Title: Generations: A Science Fiction Political Mystery Thriller
Author: Noam Josephides


In “Generations,” a generation ship called the Thetis carries the remnants of humanity towards a new planet. For generations, it has been a beacon of peace and unity. However, as they near their destination, the utopian facade starts to crumble when Sandrine Liet, an introvert archivist, investigates an extortion attempt against the ship’s leader. As she digs deeper, she uncovers a web of deception that threatens to topple the societal order aboard the Thetis. The narrative weaves together mystery, intrigue, and personal sacrifice in a thrilling journey through space.

Personal Remark

“Generations” captivated me with its intense, layered storytelling and richly crafted world. The concept of a society evolving in isolation aboard a spaceship intrigued me, and Josephides masterfully explores the psychological and societal impacts of this setup. The way he unfolds the mystery and the depth of character development kept me hooked till the last page. It’s a testament to how a well-told story can blend suspense, political intrigue, and science fiction into a compelling narrative.

Factual Information

  • Page Count: 457 pages
  • Publisher: Pygmalion Media
  • Publication Year: 2024
  • ISBN: 9798988667926

You can find more information and reviews for “Generations” on its GoodReads page here:

This novel is a brilliant debut by Noam Josephides, marking him as a science fiction writer to watch. His ability to blend deep scientific concepts with human emotion creates a story that is not only thought-provoking but also deeply engaging. Whether you’re a fan of space operas, political dramas, or character-driven narratives, “Generations” promises to be a rewarding read.

Venomous Lumpsucker by Ned Beauman

In a near-future dystopia, the environmental and societal consequences of human actions are undeniable. “Venomous Lumpsucker” tells the gripping tale of Karin Resaint, an animal cognition scientist, and Mark Halyard, an executive from the extinction industry. Together, they navigate a world of toxic waste reserves, floating cities, and authoritarian landscapes in a desperate quest to find the venomous lumpsucker—a small but significantly intelligent fish whose last-known habitat they have both contributed to destroying​ (PenguinRandomhouse.com)​.

Personal Remark:
I loved this book for its masterful blend of dark humor and a chillingly realistic portrayal of our potential future. Beauman’s storytelling skillfully intertwines urgency and satire, making “Venomous Lumpsucker” not just a novel but an experience that haunts you with its profound implications about environmental conservation and human greed.

Factual Information:

  • Page Count: 336 pages
  • Publication Company: Soho Press
  • Year of Publication: Published initially in hardcover on July 12, 2022, and subsequently in paperback on June 13, 2023​ (PenguinRandomhouse.com)​.

GoodReads Page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59593576

I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself by Marisa Crane

Set in a future America where the justice system assigns physical shadows as a stigma for crimes, Marisa Crane’s “I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself” delves into the life of Kris, a queer mother grappling with the societal and personal repercussions of this system. After the loss of her wife, Kris struggles with her role as a mother to a child born with an inherited shadow, navigating through a life of prejudice, surveillance, and shame. Her journey through grief and redemption is marked by a deep exploration of motherhood, queerness, and resistance against an unjust state​ (PenguinRandomhouse.com)​​ (Bookshop)​.

Personal Remark:
This book touched me deeply with its raw portrayal of grief and the resilience of human spirit. The speculative setting added a unique layer to the very real struggles of parenting and acceptance in a society that often seeks to marginalize. Crane’s poetic prose and the rich, emotional depth of the characters made this a compelling and thought-provoking read.

Factual Information:

GoodReads Page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/60679392-i-keep-my-exoskeletons-to-myself

The Deluge by Stephen Markley

“The Deluge” by Stephen Markley is a dystopian epic that spans from 2013 to 2040. The novel follows several characters grappling with catastrophic climate change, including a geologist, a climate justice activist, an ecoterrorist, and a political staffer. Each faces moral dilemmas and personal risks as they combat or adapt to a world veering towards ecological and social breakdown. The narrative weaves through speculative elements and stark realities, reflecting on human resilience and the potential for societal transformation amidst disaster​ (PublishersWeekly.com)​​ (Simon Schuster)​​ (Kirkus Reviews)​.

Personal Remark:
I was deeply engrossed by “The Deluge” for its haunting yet vivid portrayal of a future that feels too close for comfort. Markley’s ability to blend intense character studies with a broad, sweeping narrative of environmental and political urgency was both compelling and unsettling. The novel’s exploration of themes such as accountability, survival, and hope in the face of overwhelming odds resonated strongly with me.

Factual Information:

GoodReads Page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/60806778-the-deluge