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Review: “Generations” by Noam Josephides

“The book”Generations” is SciFi Zone’s winner of the Debut Novel Award for 2024 More retailers >> Like the best Science Fiction classics, Generations reminds us that the future is a canvas of our making, and with it – our definition of being Human. The novel is set on the generation-ship “Thetis”, which has been making…

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We have a problem with “The 3-Body Problem”

Science fiction has always been a genre that sparks imagination and curiosity. It takes us to worlds beyond our own, introduces us to technologies that are yet to be invented, and presents us with ideas that challenge our understanding of the universe. One such work that has recently garnered much attention is Liu Cixin’s “The…

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Movie Review: Monolith, dir: Matt Vesely

In the vast cosmos of sci-fi cinema, “Monolith” emerges like a mysterious artifact, beckoning with its dark allure. Directed by Matt Vesely and graced by Lily Sullivan’s magnetic solo performance, this film carves its niche within the genre through a minimalist yet profound exploration of isolation, obsession, and the human condition. At its core, “Monolith”…

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Book Review: The War of the Givens by Daniel Price

Diving into “The War of the Givens” by Daniel Price was akin to embarking on an exhilarating journey through a universe where the lines between science fiction and superhero epic blur magnificently. The final installment of the Silvers trilogy delivers a potent mix of high-stakes adventure and deep emotional resonance. At its heart, this narrative…

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“Dune 3” movie announced: what to expect?

With the recent announcement of the third installment in the “Dune” series, the science fiction community is buzzing with anticipation. This article will delve into the rumors, news, and analysis from the web’s leading movie websites to give you a comprehensive look at what to expect from “Dune 3”. The Legacy of “Dune” Before we…

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Liked “Foundation”? Then You’ll LOVE These Books!

In the vast expanse of science fiction literature, certain gems shine with an intensity that captivates and enthralls readers, transcending even the celebrated classic, Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation.” This blog post delves into nine such marvels, each heralded for its unique contribution to the genre, surpassing “Foundation” in the eyes of Goodreads users. The Long Way…

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