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J-Lo’s “Atlas” on Netflix – our verdict

Netflix’s “Atlas” with Jennifer Lopez: A Critical Review Netflix’s latest venture into the realm of science fiction, “Atlas”, starring Jennifer Lopez, has been the talk of the town since its release. The show, which explores a dystopian future where artificial intelligence has taken over the world, has been met with a mixed bag of reviews…

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Review: “Generations” by Noam Josephides

“The book”Generations” is SciFi Zone’s winner of the Debut Novel Award for 2024 More retailers >> Like the best Science Fiction classics, Generations reminds us that the future is a canvas of our making, and with it – our definition of being Human. The novel is set on the generation-ship “Thetis”, which has been making…

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Movie Review: Monolith, dir: Matt Vesely

In the vast cosmos of sci-fi cinema, “Monolith” emerges like a mysterious artifact, beckoning with its dark allure. Directed by Matt Vesely and graced by Lily Sullivan’s magnetic solo performance, this film carves its niche within the genre through a minimalist yet profound exploration of isolation, obsession, and the human condition. At its core, “Monolith”…

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